All Together Better People - Jamie Coskry

In the first of our All Together Better People series for 2022, we speak with Jamie Coskry of T L Dallas.  


Jamie was the recent winner of the UNA Newcomer Award following a varied career path to get to where he is today.

As mentioned, you recently won the UNA Newcomer of the Year Award, tell us a bit about how your career to date brought you into the world of insurance…

My career to date has been rather varied. Progressing from rugby into a career in law was the first major change. Then for my next challenge I entered the world of Insurance. My teamworking skills through years of rugby and analytical skills brought from law allowed me to make a fairly smooth transgression into Insurance. I believe having different core skills has allowed me to adapt and grow within this industry within a relatively short period of time. 

You currently work in Credit Insurance, how does this particular line of insurance differ from the more traditional commercial lines?

Credit Insurance is a very specific area of Insurance. A Credit Insurance policy protects policyholders who offer goods or services on credit payment terms to be paid for their invoices/work done if their customer defaults on payment or becomes insolvent in any way. This gives business owners the peace of mind that they can extend credit terms to new customers and allows them to access better levels of funding at more competitive rates for their own company. Essential for companies to consider in the current economic environment.

You recently participated in UNAversity and the ILM Programme, how did this develop your wider business skills?

I feel both UNAversity and ILM provided an in depth teaching of both personal and wider business skills. Providing the tools for self analysis and allowing you to identify a mixture of skills you did not realise you already had, skills you needed to improve upon and gaining new skills along the way. This coupled with strategic planning sessions and group discussions really allowed you to focus on the professional and positive impact you can have for your own personal development and your business as a whole.

You’ve now also taken on the role of TL Dallas’s new Communications Group rep.  How do you envisage shaping and influencing the group over the next 12 months?

I envisage this being an exciting time for the Group and myself. I wish to bring an interactive and thought provoking twist into insurance and the delivery of content through online and social media channels. I believe we have all been somewhat thrust into the world of technology and online over the last 24months and being able to provide accurate, topical and engaging content for all members and external viewers / readers is an excellent way to embrace this going forward. Hopefully this will allow the core values to be highlighted efficiently and for people to participate in the communications going forward while absorbing the information provided.